Edition 2023

Welcome to the shadow Program Committee (PC) co-organized with AlgoTel et CoRes 2023.

The shadow PC is intended for young researchers, i.e., PhD students, to have a first-hand experience on the scientific process behind the scenes of a conference. If you are a young researcher and you want to join us (the participation is free of charge): Registration.

The shadow PC will discuss the papers submitted to AlgoTel and CoRes 2023, two conferences based in France whose goal is to gather the academic and industrial community to present and discuss recent scientific results around Networks and Telecommunications. AlgoTel and CoRes are venues where French-speaking researchers coming from all around the world share their knowledge and perspectives.

If you are an author of an article of Algotel or Cores 2023 and you want to submit your paper also to the shadow PC, check the option in the algotel/easychair submission website.

(If you are searching for the Algotel/Cores 2023 website, it is here => https://coresalgotel2023.i3s.univ-cotedazur.fr/)