Guidelines & Process

You will have to participate to the following steps:

  1. Accepting the invitations as soon as possible through easychair or hotcrp;
  2. Bidding: You will specify which papers you would prefer to review, among the ones submitted to the shadow PC.
    See the instructions related to the bidding phase on this link.
    NB: we will eject from the PC the persons that don’t specify their bids on time (see important dates). Indeed, it is impossible to provide accurate reviews without bids
  3. Review assignment
    • we will assign the papers to each TPC member in accordance with the bidding preferences
  4. Reviewing
  5. On-line discussions (see details)
    • Please read the other reviews for the papers you have been assigned;
    • You can (and should) insert comments and questions online to prepare the meeting.
  6. Face to Face Meeting
    • We will have to take a decision for each manuscript;
    • You should expose clearly your opinion, in the most objective way;
    • Please remind we judge papers and not authors. Thus, each TPC member has to stay respectful.