Online discussions

When all the reviews are returned, the TPC will participate to the online discussion. 
We propose the following guidelines to organize the discussion:

  1. On easychair, click on the papers and start reading the reviews of the other PC members
  2. You must participate to the discussion in the comments:
    • you can (and should) react to the reviews: does it give enough arguments? Are some parts unclear? Are some arguments weak? Do critics hold?
    • you should ask a reviewer to reformulate if his/her review is unclear, not well justified, etc.
    • if you agree with a review, you should write it. That’s always pleasant to have a positive feedback.
    • You should do that for:
      1. the papers you reviewed
      2. a few other papers in the list (selected according to e.g. your skills, the volume of the discussion, your mood of the moment)
  3. For the papers you reviewed, please judge if a decision is reasonable (we will make the final one during the online meeting) when reading the reviews. Please note that:
    • contradictory reviews are more complicated to handle.
    • If you think that an additional review is needed, please tell the chairs. We will ask volunteers.
    • NB: you should first discuss among reviewers. Sometimes, one reviewer may adjust his/her judgement.  
  4. Please feel free to react in any way: the process is free, and initiatives are warmly welcome 🙂 


You should keep in mind that the result of this process (i.e. the reviews + the discussions) determines the quality of the conference. 
A bad review degrades drastically the reputation of the conference, and is *never* acceptable. 

*Shadow* PC

Please also keep in mind that this shadow PC is a place to learn. So, you should be polite, constructive, and give advices (when criticizing, you should explain why some points are unclear and unjustified, and possibly tips to improve the reviews).