Conflicts of interest


Before starting the bidding and reviewing process, everyone has to enter its conflict of interest.

Here is a list of the situations which may bring potentially a conflict:

  • PhD advisor / PhD student relationship
  • a co-author
  • a colleague with whom we have a joint project (academic project or industrial contract)
  • a colleague of the same institution (in our case, the same lab)
  • a friend / family / etc.

In general, any case for which you feel uncomfortable to judge objectively. We often specify also a time window. For this shadow PC, let us say during the last 5 years.

If you are in any of these situations, you must specify a conflict, and you will not take part to the reviewing and decision process for the corresponding papers.

We must carefully handle conflicts since it represents a strong ethic matter, and not handling correctly conflicts brings discredit upon the whole process.

You may take a look at

Face-to-face Discussions

We will explain later how we will handle conflicts during the face-to-face meeting.