Before starting your actual reviews, you have to “bid” on the papers, i.e., to specify which one you would like to review the most.

The bidding phase is crucial in the papers review process, since it enforces the papers assignment to the best possible experts in the TPC. Even if the quest of this best assignment is not always possible (it depends on the TPC expertise and submitted papers distribution per domain), the bidding is still the best way to look for it.

To do the bidding, the steps are:

  • We will send an email to start the bidding process
  • Login to
  • At the top of the page, click on “Bidding”
  • You will be able to see the list of all the papers submitted to the PC meeting.
  • For each paper, you need to specify how much you would like to review it
    • yes: The paper is within your area of expertise and you are very interested in reading it.
    • maybe: You have some basic knowledge of the topic of the paper and you are able give your opinion on it.
    • no: You do not understand anything of the topic of the paper (e.g., the paper is written in French and you don’t understand this language).
    • conflict: You personally know the authors: you have worked with him in the past, he is a friend, etc. (see List of possible conflicts of interests). In this case, you cannot review the paper

NB: we will eject from the PC the persons that don’t specify their bids. Indeed, it is impossible to provide accurate reviews without bids

We encourage you to minimize the number of “no”. Indeed, Algotel / Cores is a community conference, and covers a large set of domains. Thus, no TPC member may have the specific skills.

We will do our best to assign to you the papers that you prefer to review the most, but we cannot guarantee it will be possible in all cases: if you say “yes” and “maybe” to many papers, you will have less chances to get a paper you did not want to review.

It is worth noting that the review must be written in English in any case (so that any TPC member can read it). Thus, it is safe to accept a review even if you just read (and not write) french.